Job Needed In Watford Area

    Chill out people! only joking


    Get of your ass and go and look

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    I have looked!

    but no one will take me without the experience that you cant get until you get a job in the industry!

    I could go to uni but that'll take 4 years and i really dont want another 4 years of education

    go to uni

    its the best years of your life

    believe me

    Well if you dont want to go to uni and nobody will take you on, what do you expect people on here to do to help you??

    Original Poster

    offer me a job


    offer me a job

    Why? We know nothing about you. Why not just get a job in retail or whatever until you get one working in an office?

    this has to be a wind up? you expect to be offered a good job even tho you have no aspirations whatsoever? Let us know when you enter the real world

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    It was meant as a bit of a joke, i'm not seriously on here looking for a job, i was hopin maybe someone in the Advertising industry would be able to offer me some help on where trainee jobs may be.

    Trainee jobs? Job Centre.

    Original Poster

    No trainee work for a career! who said anything about the summer!

    ill give a job your gona have to be a punch bag and your gona get paid in "pounds" hahaha
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