Job Question - Bit random but any Train Conductors on here?!

Posted 5th Jan 2016
Hi All,

I wont attempt to bore with all the details but i've worked within local government for the past 17 years, my role is a Housing Management Officer within Social Housing, it is very customer focussed and we deal with difficult situations requiring swift problem solving on a daily basis.

After much thought, i'm wanting to look at other careers that I could hopefully transfer my skills into and "Train Conductor" has come up on several occasions during discussions with friends.

My current pay is £25k per year and due to mortgage, kids, etc, I need to be looking for a new job around that similar pay - and once again Train Conductor appears to be in that region.

After abit of research the job does look like something i'd be interested in, it also seems to be quite a popular job with many people who are already in the role speaking positively about it.

Id love to hear from any Train Conductors if possible about their experiences of the job.

Do the jobs become available often?
Is there decent security in the role?
Would any existing Train Conductors recommend working for Northern Rail?

I live very near to the Leeds/Sheffield line - so I have set up an alert with "Northern Rail" for any vacancies.

To be honest any advice at all would be great. Many Thanks Nick
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