Job Share Problem...

    I have a bit of a problem and hope that someone can give me a little advice...

    I work with adults with special needs. Part of the job involves running a disco on a friday night, as a job share with someone else, both of us working every other friday.

    The person I job share with ran the group every friday up until 8 weeks ago, which was when i was approached to take up the job share with her.

    I got a phone call from my line manager this afternoon telling me that the other person was going back to run the disco every week and that I was no longer required.

    Although morally wrong, can they do this? I have a written document stating that it is a job share and nowhere does it state that it is temporary.

    Surely, being a job share, both parties have to agree if one of them decides that they want to do it full time?

    To add to this, the other person has 2 outstanding complaints against them (one from another member of staff and one from one of the service users carers) both of which have been submitted at least 3 weeks ago and neither of which have been investigated or acted upon, whereas I have been a good boy and done my job without these complaints.

    So, does anyone know what the deal is with regards to job share and y situation? I have looked all over the net but not really found anything on teh subject so any help you guys can give me will be appreciated.



    Support work, hard work, bad pay, lol.

    I would go and speak to your line manager and raise your concerns. At the end of the day any complaint put in, should be followed up. It could be that things are getting followed up, but for confidentiality they are unable to make it public knowledge.

    I would ask about the job share thing. I work as a support worker, and used to work with someone who took control of everything. She ended up getting fired after several complaints were made about her.

    Sounds like you where being "used" for a few weeks.

    This is a remarkably long-shot, but you do already meet four of the criteria. Do you work in Cornwall?

    Original Poster

    I'm sorry?

    I've got a friend down in Cornwall who works with a bloke called Simon, in a care home, where one worker has had a complaint or two against them, and that also treats the residents to a disco once a week. I was wondering if you might be the same chap.

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    Sorry mate, its not me.
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