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    as the title say really,anyone know any good job websites since i was laid off last month and having a hard time getting a new job,there doesnt seem to be much out there right now,ive tried the jobcentre and fish4jobs.co.uk,and the jobsite which is ok but doesnt get many new jobs in ive noticed,

    pretty much for the manchester area and security or warehouse work,or anything pretty much unskilled,

    would like to hear what websites other people know about

    moan over.lol



    jobsite.co.uk hope this helps

    Where are you based?

    Original Poster

    ive tried the rest but not the reed one,will try that,im based in manchester

    jobs.nhs.uk/ nhs always looking to employ

    my son has been looking for weeks and got a job through a job agency in the town centre. Started this week-so please dont give up hope! keep looking and your persistence will pay off!
    Good luck!


    ]monster.co.uk ?

    As Above, monster are great, you fill out the form online, attach your CV and wait! Monster not only forward you any suitable jobs but forward your CV to other relevant agencies.

    Total jobs is not bad, not many jobs advertised on there though

    Im in the same boat as you,minuse having a job before becuase iv been in education up untill now
    its quiet fustrating but just stick it out some thing will come up
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