Jobs in Calgary / Canada ? ? ?

    So i'm wondering, since we are still in the recession, how do you think the job market is in Calgary/Canada? I do not have a degree, and posess alot of I.T. skills in Hardware troubleshooting aswell as office administration experiance.

    It's really been difficult to find work here in the UK, (London), Im am British, and it seems to me like more people who are from Europe seem to be getting all the jobs.

    Do i need a degree to work in an international country?

    And would i need to apply for a holiday workers permit/visa?


    my friend moves to Canada at the end of this year, has got 1 year work visa only and has taken over a year to acquire (he has a clear crim record etc and no health issues).

    No idea about the job possibilities but the visa is a long and costly process. x

    canada are very picky on who comes into their have to have a trade that they are short of.thank god i have double citizenship and i am leaving the uk in june to move back as i find prospects for my son very bleak in the uk.good luck in your future:thumbsup:

    A good idea to use a spell checker when applying.

    Marry a copper I'm hoping that's my key to Australia! Hehe!


    A good idea to use a spell checker when applying.


    Dunno about job wise, but Calgary is lovely!
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