Jobs that qualify you to be a member of Costco

Posted 14th Sep 2010
Throughout the year there are several threads on here about Costco and how you can get a membership with seemingly no definitive answer.
Well, the recent mattress deal spurred me on to enquire with them and here's the answer for anyone wondering if their occupation qualifies them for an "individual" membership.........

Good Morning

You would need your ID badge and a home utility bill or bank statement...

Individual Membership - Valid to certain employment groups - details listed below. You will need to bring in your latest payslip or professional qualification plus a current home utility bill or bank statement. The annual cost is £25 plus VAT inc. free Spouse Card. An additional card can be purchased at a cost of £12 plus VAT, but it must be someone aged over 18 residing at the same address, of which you must provide proof. This can be done either in writing or in person at the warehouse. A photograph can be done on the Additional Cardholder's first visit to the warehouse.

If you think you may be an employee of a UK or US Gold Card Company, you can call Central Membership to check on 01923 830477. This number is operated 8.15am til 5.15pm Monday to Friday.

Individual Membership is available to the following:-

Current or Retired Employee of:-
Civil Service/Armed Forces
Local Government
Medical/Health Service
Police Force
Post Office

Qualified as:-
Chartered Architect
Chartered/Civil Engineer
Chartered Surveyor
Qualified/Certified/Chartered Accountant

Current or Retired Employee of USA or UK Gold Card Company - Please contact either Central Membership or your local warehouse to confirm whether the company you work for is a registered Gold Card Company. Retired employees must provide a current pension statement and home utility bill as proof of eligibility.

The membership card can only be used by the individual person named on the card. All additional cardholders will expire at the same time as the Primary cardholder.

Hope this helps a few folk?


Community Updates

Costco membership in the UK

Costco UK is a great place for discount shopping. The Costco membership price in the UK is different depending on which type of membership you qualify for. We’ll take a quick look at the different options available.

How much does it cost to join Costco in the UK?
Costco operate different membership schemes which are all charged at an annual fee:


TRADE - £26.40 (£22 ex VAT)

INDIVIDUAL - £33.60 (£28 EX VAT)

They also offer ‘executive’ memberships, these include 2% cashback on qualifying Costco items and other extra benefits on Costco services:

TRADE EXECUTIVE - £67.20 (£56 ex VAT)

How do I know which membership I should apply for?
Check here to see the full list of INDIVIDUAL membership requirements.

For TRADE memberships you will need to be able to prove that you the owner or manager of a business, check the list of qualifying documents here.

Everyone is eligible to apply for ONLINE ONLY membership.

Can I get a Costco membership online?
Yes, absolutely. Go to this page and click on the membership you would like to purchase. Your membership number will be emailed to you following checkout and you can use this for online shopping straight away.

For in-store shopping, you will need to go to the membership counter to validate your membership and pick up your new card (Costco ask that you allow at least 12 hours from the timed you purchased it online).
You will need to bring supporting documents to collect your membership card in-store:

For individual memberships
Employee ID Card
OR Employee Payslip/Pension Statement
OR Qualification Certificate or ID

For trade memberships
You will need to provide one piece of ‘business evidence’ which is valid or dated within the last 3 months and a form of photo ID. Check the list of options here.

Can I shop at Costco without a membership?
You can't shop in their stores without a valid membership card but you don't need to purchase a Costco membership to shop online. However, if you are not a member you will be charged a delivery fee. The delivery fee for all non-members is 5% +VAT of the final bill.

What’s on offer at Costco now?
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