Joe Cole to Arsenal?

What do you guys think? utter crap or is it likely?


Joe cole will properly leave due to manager and not a starter. More likely to join a london club as its close or a high paid wage at MCity, Manu, Liverpool

Unlikely, but you never know.

I think he may go abroad, personally.


I think he's leaving to join a big club, so highly probably it will be Ars*nal or Spurs.

I don't think we need him so I'm not too bothered if he joins or not, seems like it's between Arsenal and Utd at the moment though for where he's going.

he will join spurs but id love to seem him a liverpool

See, Redknapp come out and said he thinks Cole has already agreed terms with a club.. This rules out spurs.

I'm pretty sure cole will end up at old trafford.


I'd love to see him at Arsenal. It would make me chuckle.

Well he has claimed to support Chelsea, West Ham and Arsenal in his time - so odds it will be Sp*rs... Shame he turned down the offer to come back to Upton Park, ah well - as long as we get Craig Bellamy back...

Would love him at Liverpool, slot in for Stevie G when he leaves for Real Madrid


I'm pretty sure cole will end up at old trafford.

I agree...although id love to see him come to arsenal...I reckon he'll go for Utd if given the choice, ideal for their midfield...although I could see Wenger breaking his wage bills to sign Cole, given that we will be without Gallas, Sol, Silvestre, and most likely Cesc he'd be able to pay him a fair amount and would be good in our midfield. Still will be good to see if harry is bluffing and he's already signed him up


I'm pretty sure cole will end up at old trafford.

^^^ this

would love to see him there. Fergies always been a big fan of his too
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