Don't know if anyone else is still playing around with theirs, but I just found this site which is really bril: l…tml
    Got fed up of various flavours of linux but this seems to have most things coverered - opera browser, squeezebox etc.


    have you tried it?
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    What's wrong with linux? Running 11.04 on mine everything works flawless!

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    have you tried it?

    Yes, have tried it - took a while to install all the tools and aps but it is all good now. Squeezebox links up with my PC OK and I can play audio books happily in bedroom now!
    I found problems getting win32 discimager to write linux on most of the usb drives I own - the only one that worked was the largest to stick out the side. Now I just have the neatest little SD reader from dealextreme and when you use Opera the keyboard automatically pops up on screen. I found with linux that the keyboard and brightness symbols were too close together on the top bar and was forever hitting the wrong one. I agree that linux is more capable but for now I like the P'n'P offering.

    impressed so far although installing the additional skin temporarily (until uninstall) bust the tango UI...
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