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Posted 5th Jul 2021
Hi all, wondering if anyone else has had issues with John Lewis and trying to get 0% for things. Currently trying to get an Ipad pro with 0%. I meet all of their criteria and have a good credit score?

Anyone else had issues with them?

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    The ultimate decision lies with Creation, the finance company. Even with a good credit score, if you have something that triggers a red flag for the finance company it'll be rejected.

    Unfortunate part of credit scores
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    Seems to have worked this time, this was before they even gave me a decision? So very strange.
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    Finance companies have their own criteria for deciding who gets how much and rarely care about any third party credit score. Right now, most of them have tightened things significantly, especially for unsecured loans - Barclays, for example if has slashed the credit limit on a significant number of their credit card holders.

    You may also want to try and see if you qualify for 0% purchases on a credit card.
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