John lewis

I bought an item at John Lewis to 2 weeks ago

They have now reduced it in the their sale by £100

Will I be able to claim this reduction in their never undersold policy



Ask them. If you have twitter they're pretty responsive.
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Hi I read the other day u have 30 days if u find item cheaper so YES

yes I believe so , we had this with a ipad in 2012, just ariun d launch of newer model, they reduced by £80 , we went in a week later pointed it out and they credited to £80 which paid for its breakdown/damage cover

I bought a dress from them and after 25 days it got further reduced, I called up and they refunded me the difference. But it has to be within 30 days as they are quite strict like that.

It's a 28 day price drop policy, I called up last week as bought the missus the Otto and Olivia foxes which dropped to half price. Just give them a call and they'll refund the difference.

I had the same with an iPad I bought in store. I just gave them a call and they refunded the difference back onto my card.
A new receipt arrived in the post with the revised price.

Whilst its great for us the consumer, im surprised they do this.


Whilst its great for us the consumer, im surprised they do this.

So am i , why wait for the rush in the sales and struggle online
Buy what you want a few weeks before xmas then ring when the price is reduced in the sales ..... crazy

Yes, they will.

Original Poster

Thanks for your responses
I contacted J Lewis and they put a£100
Back on my card without any hassle
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