John Lewis 5 year tv warranty problems

Posted 21st Jul 2016
I recently bought a Sony 55" tv from JL in clearance section of store. It was missing stand and box but apart from that was perfect. I managed to barter store down to £450 from full retail of £700.

Even though it was in clearance receipt still states covered by 5 year guarantee.

Within a few weeks a fault appeared on screen and after a couple of engineer visits it has been determined screen is faulty and cant be repaired.

I have therefore asked for a replacement however JL position is that because it was discounted they only need to give me £450 towards a new one and not simply replace with the same model.

There does not appear to be any t&c on JL website for the much lauded warranty they provide - however the website does state in black and white

"What's the small print?
We're covering the product to remain in working order for the life of that guarantee – in other words against manufacturing defect causing breakdown. If the product's used in the prescribed way and it breaks down, our duty is to get the appliance back to working order – and if we can't do that, we'll replace it with the same model, or discuss an alternative with you if that's no longer available."

In my opinion they cant fix so as their warranty small print states they should replace with the same model as it is available.

Anyone any thoughts or experience?
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