John Lewis 5 Year Warranty

Has anyone made use of this and is it worth it? I'm after a 40" Samsung TV that they have and it's approx £70-£80 dearer at John Lewis than i can get it elsewhere. Do you think this is worth the extra for the warranty?


John Lewis will price match some other retailers, ask them to price match then you can get for lower price and free warranty

Little bit on bottom…d=9 (only applies to stores)

Have you tried price-matching?

I used to just email my local JL after doing a bit of research for better 'bricks and mortar' prices (don't match online only) and get a letter in the post with details of a successful PM and how to use it.

John Lewis do a price match so if it is from a local shop they will price match it. Some people have been able to get them to match some websites AFAIK. I got them to price match a TV with Richer Sounds and I saved £400 and got the 5 year guarantee. I think the guarantee can be worth the money for the peace of mind but it depends to an extent on your luck. I bought a Toshiba TV years ago, about 20 actually, and it is still going strong (passed it on to the monster-in-law).

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No stores near me so don't think i could do the price match.

the 5 year warranty is certainly a good peice of mind. I had a TV (old plasma) that went faulty 4 years and 10 months after purchase. I didnt have the receipt, but they had a record at the store of selling it to me, had my name at that address and they came and fixed it. it wasnt a cheap fix either. It is still working 3 years later.

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Might have to scrap the John Lewis idea. Was looking to buy on one of the "Buy now, pay later" options and it doesn't appear they do this anyway.

We got a plasma from JL and would like a new one, anyone know of a way to make a plasma go kaputt so it can be replaced on warranty

Well think of the warranty this way - Richer Sounds charge you 10% of the purchase price of the tv for 5 years warranty. How much is the tv your buying costing? Most shops charge a lot more. I personally would get it from JL, they are good to deal with and most warranties from other shops arent for 5 years

I've had previous pricematches to ]Sound and Vision as they have a physical shop as well as an online presence.
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