John Lewis buying online or instore

Today JL is opening their store for boxing day, is there any differences in prices between instore and online? I want to buy a TV, if I buy it instore can they do delivery to home?


I bought mine online...personally I wouldn't by from the store as danger of breakage or damage etc . ..but would buy other things in store than online if I had jl near by

Prices can be far cheaper in store especially clothing. Not sure about home delivery but a quick call to customer service will answer that

I got a coat in store which isn't even online in the color I wanted...

if buying a large object, like a large tv or furniture, id advise you read reviews on their courier service ! 1 star out of 5 from thousands of independent reviews.
i knowingly paid more at richor sounds for my 55" tv yesterday rather than risk their dreadful courier service.

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thanks for the info

Good grief.

What has happened to John Lewis ? I have read some trustpilot reviews and they are frankly awful !!! this used to be a quality store with excellent CS. sadly not any more

Had a mattress delivered by them worth no problems. Guess it's hit and miss

Most people only have good things to say about John Lewis, seems very strange with trustpilot suggesting opposite. I guess they might be suffering the same fate as other big retailers on there.

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