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Posted 22nd Jun

I have ordered a heavy item from John Lewis and I don’t want it. I cannot take it back to a store or post office.

DHL want to deliver it tomorrow and there is no option to cancel the order.

Can I just refuse delivery? What will happen?

It’s £750 so bit concerned.

John Lewis returns says collections cost £30
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Why did you order an item you don't want?
Yes, Refuse the delivery and John Lewis should refund you in full.
I’m a bit worried cos with covid there is no signature etc..
Why did you order an item you don't want?
Found it far far cheaper elsewhere!
PurrlineBargain22/06/2020 19:41

Found it far far cheaper elsewhere!

Could try and get John Lewis to price match? Usually as long as the retailer you are price matching has a high street presence John Lewis should price match the offer
What if you do find a lower price elsewhere?If you do find the same product for sale at a lower price at a UK mainland high street competitor, either in store or online, and sold with the same service conditions, you can make a price match request. It’s really easy – just let us know in one of the following ways:

Refuse order at the door, goods will be sent back by DHL. Although it’s no signature right now and depending on what service goods have been sent out on the driver should still wait for someone to come to the door. Alternatively you can always go online and rearrange delivery so it doesn’t actually come out to you and there should be a space for you to write a note. A simple please do not deliver, RTS will suffice.
Source: I work there.
Just contact John Lewis to cancel the order. No need to wait till it is on your doorstep and refuse delivery.

John Lewis can notify DHL to skip the delivery and saves the drivers time of coming to yours with an item you do not want.
PurrlineBargain22/06/2020 19:41

Can I just refuse delivery? What will happen?

Specific notification to give to JL prior to delivery:

Regardless of order progress, I exercise my right to cancel without incurring any liability as provided by section 29 of The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013
Today is dd mm yyyy. I await refund to original payment method without undue delay as required by section 34 of same act.
Please confirm you have noted this request by repeating it in full back to me.

Rinse and repeat until CS jockey repeats the speech.
Sometimes it takes multiple dull deadpan repeats until CS jockey gives up on the fruitless perception that whatever has been cancelled has to be accepted on delivery, because it doesn't. Just don't become involved in a debate. You are simply making a statement and having it noted.
End of.

Cancellation right:…ade
Period for refund:…ade
if the store you found it cheaper at as a high street store definitely try for a price match there normal pretty could about it, priced matched something for me that was £2 cheaper at Tesco, but wanted to buy from john lewis as i had a giftcard so well worth giving it a go
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rik11123/06/2020 17:10

Comment deleted

I tried to send a message to stop the delivery, not my problem it didn’t get to the driver. John Lewis will pick up the costs as it’s also not my problem. Do you think John Lewis worry about the poor soul delivering items??
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