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John Lewis Cancelled order

Posted 29th Dec 2008
ordered the TV for 499 the other day waiting to be delivered on Friday, just got this email from them
All orders taken on our website are security checked to authenticate the information and ensure details provided are correct. This is to protect both the security of the site and our customers. Unfortunately, the details you provided have failed our checks and we are unable to complete your order.

anyone else had this message and can shed any light on what it means?
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is it a ifferent address to what your payment card is? give them a ring to find exact reason
Probably wrong card expiry date or something, I had same problem once, I put 11 instead of 10 like a plonker.

ps Have some rep for supporting United..!!
i do too just love my puppy more lol

i do too just love my puppy more lol

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Had the same problem and rang John Lewis who told me my card provider had blocked the sale. Rang them and they said they hadn't and even gave me the authorization code they had sent John Lewis. so I rang John Lewis again and they said there was nothing they could do as it failed the security but couldn't tell me what failed :x and just went round in circles. I went to Comet in the end and bought from them :thumbsup:
hi i have been sent an email saying the tv i ordered on saturday for £499 was cancelled because of internal security checks, i rang up john lewis, they explained to me the tv was at a pricing error and now it is back to its normal value of 599, so i rang my bank and they gave me an authorisation number and said they had accepted the transaction, so i was wondering what was goin on here. after half an hour on the phone to the customer service team they told me to place the order again at 599 and then once the tv is delivered they will issue me a refund for 100 so i recieve the tv at the sale price, as the fault was on their side not mine!!!

it could have also have helped as i have bought so many appliances and electricals from them that they decided to do this after looking at my order history!!!

but at first i had the same response that nothing could be done!!

Hope that helps!!!!
They will do this for sure if you have used the same email id you used to ask for a price match in their "never knowingly undersold"

My colleague had this experience he put in a effort to call them up and place a phone order, when they did the same with me and i went to argos.

so unless the deal at JL is very good better to ditch them
It's been five and a half years. He's probably got his telly by now.
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