Found 1st Mar 2008
Hi all, well last night my 4 month old ipod classic broke
Anyway to cut a long story short, do John Lewis Customer services have a good reputation?
I rang up and the woman was extremely helpful said she would find out what she could do for me and rang me back 10 minuttes later and has said that a replacement will be delivered on tuesday and then this one collected as well.
Does this sound okay?


What more do you want? They are replacing it within 2 working days!

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I know that I just want to sort of check that everything sounds right etc, just checked my order status on JL and there is a new order for 2008 from today saying ipod classic 80gb black order processing, amount £159
Will they charge me and then refund?
Anyone had any experience?

they wont charge you relax,cant really ask for anymore than that

It took me months (6+) to get anywhere when my TV broke from john lewis. The repair guys that brought it back whacked it into my wall, and brought it back scratched and whats more still broke. John lewis couldnt of cared less really and offered me a measly £50 if I kept it (regarding the scratch). The TV cost me a grand!!!!!!!

They finally took it back and gave my money back, but it was a hard struggle. I wouldnt buy anything big from them again. They might offer a free 5 year guarantee but it meant sod all when push came to shove. They never rang me back when they said they would. One department didnt know what the other was doing. On the same day they rang me saying we'll repair the TV, then they will refund me, then they'll repair it again.... thickoooossssss. NEVER AGAIN!


love john lewis

my macbook was 1 and half years old it broke they swap it for a brand new 1 more memory bigger hard-drive and a new 2 year guarantee

2 Day turnaround is pretty good customer service if you ask me.

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Cool thanks for the repsonses guys!
I'll let you know how things go


What they have agreed to do is excellent IMHO. Count youself lucky!

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Hoping everything goes okay tommorow

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Recived and picked up th iPod okayyy Wooo:D
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