Found 2nd Jan 2006
ok guys this cat and mouse game JL is playing with on-line prices is getting very silly

this morning they reduced a few LCD tv prices to current competion then they put up a "not in stock" sticker on all of the reduced items.

what is the point of reducing prices if theres no stock this is not LEGAL practices I have full screen captures of this sharp practice and will report them to the ASA tomorrow!

best regards,

squirrel teams.
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Out of interest does the price reduction coincide with a marketing push on those LCD's?
I know what you are saying m8 but ASA regs regarding this practice states anything advertised on a website that has a price reduction must be instock and available.

what they did was reduce the price and put no stock stickers on the goods at the same time this is known as offering the jam tomorrow but after calling the stores they have been told by head office not to order stock untill the end of this current month & are refussing to take advanced orders on them same goods too

best regards,
I've got to say that's a sharp eye you've got there, well done!

Anyone else have experience with JL doing this?
cheers m8,

the only reason I spotted this is I want to buy one but they are making it tough very tough indeed and as your members already say the warranty is hard to ignore but then again is it worth all this hastle???
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