john lewis mobile phone return policy

Posted 20th Dec 2015
Hi, I`m just about to buy an iPhone 6s 64gb from john lewis.
Wanted to get it as a Christmas present for my missus. She never had an iPhone before, so I`m little bit confused on spending £619 in store and not to be able to have the refund in case she didn`t like it.

Can I get refund for unsealed iphone returned to the store next day?
Obviously, she need to take it out of the box to find out whether she likes it or not

Any ideas?
Much appreciate any help
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No, sealed still equals refund. Opened/refund, exchange if faulty.
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Ask John Lewis would be sensible thing to do when buying phone.

No, sealed still equals refund. Opened/refund, exchange if faulty.

just seen various answers online so I`m a little bit confused.
you mean if I bring it back with opened box but not used, I can still claim to get full refund right?
Need to make sure coz I`ve never seen, the shops can accept refunds for opened, unsealed goods.
Dont think you know the missus very well, if you dont know if she'll like an iphone or not. If shes the type thats not going to like it by just looking at it, then i think you need to question yourself on why your spending that much money on a phone for that type of person. As for userbility, the iphones are designed for kids to use-hence why so many have them.
If you break the shrink wrap, no refund unless it's faulty.
why not get a decent phone and spend the other £519 on yourself
seriously you should be ok with JL they can sometimes knock a percentage off for opened items or lightly used. if you buy on line you can open it and try it out within 14 days under the DSR
90 days return policy. if opened it has to be faulty
If it is still sealed including the box, i.e unopened. seal intact then your entitled to a refund. I'f your missus wants to see how the iPhone works, then I would suggest she goes into a jogneqia store to test one. Opened boxes - no refund.
John Lewis not Jognegia lol
You maybe better off getting it from Apple direct, they will accept returns even if its open, as long as it isn't damaged. Think their Christmas return date is some time in January too.
You can definlaty send it back, i purchased an iphone 6s from JL used it for a couple of days and decided i wanted the 6s plus. Called them up and was told to take it into store and they swapped it there and then, no questions asked.
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