Found 15th Oct 2007
A couple of weeks ago we found a fridge freezer we liked in John Lewis. After taking a brochure we got home and found the model £150.00 cheaper from another retailer.

Yesterday we confronted JL who said they would match the price and throw in free delivery as a gesture.

We agreed and purchased the fridge freezer from JL as they was giving an extra years warranty but it definatelyis worth checking on the net first before purchasing just in case you find the model cheaper like I did as JL offer a price match.


When you confronted them was there tension?

Nice if you can get it. I tried for ages to get them to price match a Plasma TV but they took so long to check, that the offers were no longer on. Eventually won through. Worth it for the 5 yr guarantee.

They sometimes take a few days to get back to you,well thats what happened with me and a tv at beginning of yr.They also won't price match against everyone for some reason so its a matter of luck.They refused 1 place to pricematch but then accepted another place.

I'm looking at a 40" samsung telly from 1staudiovisual for £660 (was around £900 at comet) so may pay a visit to JL to see if they'll match.

Would be a lot easier to get it from there if they throw in the 5 year warranty.

John Lewis do not Price Match online retailers, only bricks and mortar stores with the same item in stock and displayed with the price.

True! They use to but thay have tightened up now.

Recently, JL wouldn't even match their own online lower price for a cooker in store.

I still rate JL but they have deteriorated in many areas including service.

I found that if the competing store you're getting a price match against isn't local then they get the nearest JL store to check rather than doing it themselves hence the delay.

Once got John Lewis to pricematch one of their own stores which was selling the same TV for £100 less. :giggle:


It pays to be persistant. I had loads of problems 18 months ago with a Plasma Price match - but eventually got it.

Their slogan "Never knowingly undersold" should be forceably removed. The lower price they price match with, should become the "normal price" for that to be true. Thats without the ones they refuse to match!
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