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Found 2nd Feb 2018
So I have been granted a John Lewis price match as below.
I just wondered if that means I can order 10 X the price matched item or whether only 1 of the items will get price matched?

Please help.

Once you contact us to confirm that you are happy with your goods, we will process your refund and you will see this in your account within five working days. If PayPal is used then please be aware the refund can take up to 28 days to show in your account. You will not need to take any further action.

When placing your order, you will be charged full price initially and then refunded once you have confirmed that you are keeping the order. A maximum of 10 items can be ordered.

This price match is valid for one order only and cannot be shared with friends or family. Please also note that the price match above is only valid for orders placed with and cannot be used in store. You should place your order within 28 days from today. If you are unable to place your order within 28 days, please submit a new request via our website. "

Thanks all
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Recent rely to the same question, up to 10 items on the same order.

I can confirm that you are free to purchase as many items as you require on the same order as the ...., however you are only able to apply your approved price match to the same item / order 10 times. This is on a per-customer basis.

I am hopeful this email outlines our policy, you can view this in full at the following link:…old
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