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Posted 1st Dec
Having a terrible experience with CS this weekend. Purchased LG OLED in the belief that I could get a decent price match over the weekend. Despite numerous mails they keep suggesting my matches do not qualify. Initially they tried to say price match was same as they failed to note the £100 off voucher directly beneath the price on the competitor website then when directed to this they suggested that the JL product is different as its colour is described as silver despite all pictures on their website showing a black tv and as far as I can see LG do not make a silver 55" B9 Oled. Should have stuck to Richer Sounds or just purchased from those offering best deals I guess! Others having trouble or just me?
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just return it as you are entitled to by law
JL price match is hit & miss. Try raising another ticket. I have had different operators agreeing to totally opposite outcomes. Like one ticket will say washing machine fitting will not be price matched under their rules and second ticket(operator) will just agree and waive the charges. Had to buy it from Curry's as JL won't agree to whole discount at once.
Felicitous01/12/2019 18:42

just return it as you are entitled to by law

Law = only if purchased off-premises, or some other mandatory entitlement not obviously mentioned, e.g. busted
The claim form says colour is optional. I'd try and argue that they can't deny it on those grounds
Had a similar experience when we bought out tv a couple of years ago, told me that the tv on their website didn’t have something the other company’s website mentioned a feature even though it was the exact model.Emailed their CEO team who fixed it and gave us the difference. Vouchers can be an issue they have to be visible to all but yours sounds like it is.…070
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Price match is a bit like insurance. It is only when you go to claim that they come up with all the reasons why your claim is invalid. I would just return it and say something like the picture quality was not as expected / same as seen in store.
They are indeed hit and miss, a deal on here was divided by most getting accepted and some not including me. Think I tried 5 times before someone accepted. Just keep trying.
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