John Lewis Price Match?

Hi Everyone

Does anyone know if John Lewis stores have any kind of "Price Match" policy

I've had a look on their website but i'm unable to find any info on it.

I want to buy a new toshiba LCD TV (Inc 5 years warranty cover for free)

John lewis have the tv for £649 instores and online, but comet have the same tv for £499 but that only includes 1 year warranty

I live near the Trafford Centre John Lewis and theres a Comet about 1 mile away with the tv in stock.

Should I be asking them if they can price match comet?



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cheers for the link, must of over looked it.

So just from reading that about the price promise, how would you think they would go about the 5 year warranty? would they match comet price and only give 1 years warranty or would they have to give the full 5 years as offered free?

John lewis will price match any company that has a physical store and the television on display. They automatically give all tvs 5 year warranty, that isn't part of the "price match".

See this thread on Avforums for how to do it. Also lists all the pricematches people have managed. I was lucky and just emailed a pricematch request and that worked at JL Edinburgh. You may need to try several stores as it can depend on if the customer service person is in a good mood, they might just say no/ too busy.


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Hi Thanks for the reply

So what you are saying is that they will price match coment etc, but will only price match it and give a standard 1 year warranty? sorry just confused, maybe it's the drink

No, their price match guarantee is only applicable to the price. Their 5yr guarantee is something they give to 'all' televisions whether or not they have been price matched.

So if they agree to price match then you will automaticallly also get the 5yr guarantee.

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ahh excellent, I will try my luck at the trafford JL tomorrow, thanks guys for your help


can you keep us posted about how you do because i am too looking to buy a tv from john lewis.

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yea no worries mate:thumbsup:

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Ok just to update :

Didn't need to price match after all, john lewis has reduced the price store wide to match the price with comet.

So i've bought it at £499 (Inc 5 years warranty)

Sweet :-D

which tv was it? lol

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The 26" Toshiba LCD £499
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