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John Lewis refusing consumer law

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Posted 25th Mar 2021

I need a bit of help relating to a MacBook I purchased from John Lewis at the beginning of last year.

It developed a fault with the fan and keyboard in February this year and I sent it off to Apple. Who repaired it and send it back in a worse condition. Fan was still grinding and keyboard was acting up even though they’d replaced both.
Sent it off yet again, only to be told that the engineers were unable to reproduce these issues.

I was told by Apple either to send it back for a 3rd time or to claim consumer law with the retailer who I brought it from, being John Lewis.
I approached John Lewis stating this information of the failed repair, providing both reports. They said that the second report declares there to be nothing wrong (unable to reproduce), so I would have to get an inspection done to prove said issues.

I go back to Apple to confirm this and they then get an Authorised Repairer to inspect and write a report, which they did.

So I went back to John Lewis and asked to pursue this claim with the report I’d be requested to obtain. To which they then turn around and state that because the engineer report document doesn’t contain statements that they need like “Not fit for purpose”, “inherently faulty” or “beyond economical repair”, that I wouldn’t be able to make a consumer law claim.

I then attempt to ask the authorised repairers to amend the report to include these statements, to which they say they are legally unable to do.

Is this completely true of John Lewis being able to deny proceeding with my claim due to these statements not being included? The document from the engineers states that the fan and keyboard are both faulty. Given that I’ve attempted to have the laptop repaired twice, both times have failed. I would have assumed I’d have a case to reject the repair and ask the retailer to start a claim.

if anyone can shed some more light on what they know, I’d be very grateful.

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