Posted 27th Nov 2022 (Posted 3 h, 10 m ago)
If anyone can advise greatly appreciated. So i am interested in purchasing a John Lewis sofa and i was looking at what warranties they come with and all i can see mentioned is 10 year frame guarantee no other warranty mentioned for example the chair legs, stitching, material etc

It has been sometime since i purchased a sofa and was wondering if anyone had recently form john lewis and it was normal to have not gurantee on the sofa besides the frame ?
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    Not bought from JL, but its standard only frame has long warranty. Some try and sell extended warranty against spills and tears, etc, and we sometimes buy it if relatively low cost (edited)
    but is it standard to have no warranty for the sofa besides the frame ? just thought it odd as i thought 1 year would be standard for the rest of the sofa
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    Looks to be a 15 year guarantee on the frame and springs. This is pretty standard across the industry.

    I would assume that the legs are considered part of the frame. (edited)
    so it is standard in the industtry to have no warranty for the sofa besides the frame and springs ?
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    Don't stress about it. 10yrs is standard, and sufficient. Nowt goes wrong with the rest of it..just be cautious about the cushion filling. Last thing you want is a soft fibre one which requires to be smacked back into shape every 5mins..
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