John Lewis Spectrum Duo DAB-FM Radio stereo - Faulty Power Input

Found 17th Apr 2015
Hi All

I have recently purchased one of these with a faulty power input. The Battery terminal works fine but I wanted to know if anyone has identified the exact problem a lot of these units have with the micro usb power input and if anyone has managed to fix one
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It's common if it's within the 2 year warranty it's a straight swap for it these aren't repairable
I've got the same problem - put it down to the other half mistreating it...n might have to dig out the receipt if it's a common fault !
Original Poster
i opened up the back to have a look at the circuit board, could you not wire in a new micro usb power inlay or something? so frustrating it is just outside the 2 year warranty!
Have had this radio for ages and now had this problem too. Going to see if I can resolder a new mini/micro usb connector to the board.
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