John Lewis TV has packed up, cost £700 and have been offered £480 towards a new one

I have a 32" Panasonic Quintrix flat screen Tube TV, it cost £700 4 and a half years ago from John Lewis and is covered by their 5 year guarantee thank god! They have offered me £480 towards a new one either a Samsung , Grundig , Hitachi or Philips. The cheapest 32" Panasonic is £649 though but I could get a 42" Toshiba for £649 as well - £169 extra

Do I complain to get more towards a TV or take what's on offer, incase they offer to fix it instead, or only allow me to buy another 32" as I would pay extra to get the 42"



it should say in your policy what is offered, im surprised they havent gone straight for a repair, if you deffo dont want a repiar i wouldnt push it

To be fair, the £480 they've offered you will be the value of the TV you bought minus the value you've already had out of it, which is legal, and fairly generous in my opinion. £220 for 4 years of high-end TV ownership isn't bad, especially if you compare like for like, where your 32" CRT TV of today sells for barely more than £100. TFTs are a much more expensive technology.

Personally, I'd be happy that the old one had failed, and take it as an oppertunity to trade up to the 42".

Surely if it's a 5 year gaurantee they should replace like for like, not make you an offer?



Surely if it's a 5 year gaurantee they should replace like for like, not … Surely if it's a 5 year gaurantee they should replace like for like, not make you an offer?

not replace, repair

The policy does say if they can't repair it they will discuss an alternative settlement with you. I would take the offer personally.

"This additional service guarantee provides :
A repair service in the event of breakdown of any functioning part of your product, for the period stated by the John Lewis guarantee.
We'll provide the repair service without charge up to a cost equal to the original purchase price paid for the product.
All repair services are provided by authorised service technicians.
If we decide your product cannot be repaired, or is uneconomical to repair, we'll replace it with the same model. If it's no longer available, we'll discuss an alternative settlement with you.
Occasionally, we may ask you to pay for the repair and claim the cost of the repair from us."

Their online sale starts on 26th Dec so you'll bag a brand new tv cheaper, take the offer and wait for your purchase if you can borrow a tv until then. Then at least you'll get another 5 yr guarantee

My warranty with a certain company was for 3 year, my Toshiba had a fault with the panel where there was a faint line straight down the middle of the TV. The TV was 1080i and cost me £1,500.

1 yr 5 month from buying it they let me choose another TV worth £1,500 so I now have a 1080p, 24fps and other amazing features.

I would question the warranty, I thought it would be like for like if they can't repair.

my cousin tv played about and we had the same issue,after few phone calls we managed to get an extra £80

good luck and let us know how u get on

To be fair you are getting a good deal you can a decent 32' for £480.

Now you could ask them to repair it but the question is if they do how long is the warranty after the repair? probably only a few more months. Maybe not worth it.

If you were like a 100% sure that they can not repair the TV then fight all the way until you can get your £700 back :-).

Either way good luck, let's us know how it ends

Original Poster

In the end after hours of phone calls , trips to a couple of stores and a letter of complaint as I was messed around I was given £499 towards a new TV

got this - Panasonic Viera TH42PZ80B Plasma HD Ready Digital Television, 42 Inch & Blu-ray Disc Player ,…spx

I had to add £425 extra but well worth it I think + the day after I paid for the TV it went up £50. It arrived christmas eve and it amazing
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