John Lewis vs AO after sales service

Found 1st Jun
Hi Guys,
Any experience with after sales service with JL and/or AO?
JL usually gives a 2 year guarantee unlike AO which sticks to 1 year manufacturer for mobile phones.
JL prices tend to be on the higher side I wonder if the higher price for the warranty is worth paying.

Thanks for your time.
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JL have done 3 years for me when item was only 2 years, on several items. Can not fault them.
JL , had items replaced without quibble under their guarantee , and they have price matched for us . However I would say I've also ordered from AO and been happy with their service, but if I can get price matched with extra gtee then JL all the way
Lat year, a friend bought an AEG washing machine from JL. It broke down in the first week. JL repaired it. It broke down immediately and ripped 2 expensive shirts. JL were not interested in the shirts and came out to repair it. It still did not work. Friend said she wanted it gone and money back or another machine. JL insisted that they had a right to repair. This went on 4 times. JL offered a new machine but she wants nothing to do with JL Customer Services. After some research, she wrote a letter to JL and now has refunds for the shirts as well.

I would love to think this is an extreme example but since Andy Street outsourced JL Customer Services to a call centre in the Philippines, I hear more stories about poor JL service.

Conversely, a story about AO. FiLs fridge failed. I found the model on AO and ordered it. I went to his house on the morning of the delivery (timed to within 1 hour the previous evening) to remove the old fridge and in the process, found the problem. Called AO approx 1 hour before scheduled delivery. They said the fridge was 2 stops away and that it was cancelled. I might get a call from the driver to confirm this.

I call that good Customer Services but I know others have posted on here that they have not had the same experience

BTB, The legal position

You have the right to expect goods in ‘satisfactory quality’ according to S9 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 you have a right to reject goods within 30 days if they fail to be of Satisfactory Quality

The seller has the right to attempt 1 (as in one/a single) repair of the goods according to S24 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015

After that one repair, you have the right to reject the goods but can ask for a replacement.
Thanks guys for your time and comments I ultimately ended up going to AO saving me £53
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