Posted 17th May 2021
Good evening all, so just looking for some advice for my neighbor from anyone who has had bother with John Lewis on warranty returns.
So last week I was out walking our westie puppy when my 66 year old neighbor spots me and asks for some help. She has a 32 inch Toshiba which was broke black to the right and left and lines down the middle once turned on. She had whatsapped John Lewis who asked for pictures and then told her to take Otto the store. The store is Newcastle centre so there was no way she was going to carry that around so I offered to call them on her behalf. The agent told me to take pics of the TV and a courier would collect he told us to box it up in the original box which we did. John Lewis has called her today claiming the TV was damaged in transit due to the TV's base being unscrewed and hit the screen and they will only give her £50. I think this is a load of rubbish as the TV was covered in bubble wrap. I am going to call them again tomorrow on her behalf wondering what the best way to approach it would be.
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