John Lewis Washing Machine JL1200 Not Turning

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Found 17th Sep 2016
Well 3 year John Lewis Guaruntee on JL1200 washing machine and one month out decides to pack in..Checked drive belt still intact ...Any advise to fix would be appreciated


Just because John Lewis only guarantee something for 3 years does not mean they are not obliged to fix the issue.

Your consumer rights etc. and trading standards - yes it can sometimes be a long and costly battle but if you believe a device should last longer than it's guarantee then you are entitled to challenge.

I would research the model for any others suffering similar symptoms. I would also ask John Lewis if they would send an engineer to investigate even though it's out of their guarantee by 1 month but refer to your consumer rights. And if that fails talk to the customer service department of the manufacturer. If all fails you can get an independant engineer to access at your cost and if the defect is down to manufacturing process then you've got your battle (with the support of trading standards) and all your costs should be reimbursed.

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"to pack in" is too abtract to do any problem determination (which leads to fix)

most likely motor brushes,the carbon on the brushes wears down. if you are good at diy they are fairly easy to change just make sure the machine is disconnected from the mains.

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Thanks for all advise,,Got it working swapped brushes,
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Thanks for all advise,,Got it working swapped brushes,

​That's not good. We have a 10 year old hotpoint and the motor has never been touched. I would research into why they wore out so quickly.

it depends how much the machine is used, our hotpoint brushes lasted 2 years,just wear and tear.

check motor brushes. mine wore out on a candy. used every day for last 2 years. less than half hour to remove and replace . less than £20 to buy. candy machine had hotpoint motor.
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Oh, just checked and my Hotpoint washer/dryer has a 3 phase brushless induction motor so no chance of that happening any time soon
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