john rambo previews?

    anybody know if they are showing preview screens on thursday 21st anywhere?
    be kind rewind is out on the same day and they are.

    only cos it my bday on the 22nd and the mrs is taking me a way for the weekend! a$$!
    so it'll be monday before i can go, and can't wait that long


    Not that good anyway. Watchable but as you would expect not as good as the start of the series

    The good thing about this film is the fact that more people will know about the burma cival war. So for that reason alone i would recommend people to go and watch the movie.

    open your eyes

    It`s a fantasy, a movie, not a political statement..Go hug a tree.

    darfur a fantasy too.

    Just download the dvd screener, see it now.

    Did anyone see Sly on Jonathan Ross last night?

    Theres been lots of "work" on that face!!!
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