Johnathon Ross

Hi, I missed the first 15 mins of Johnathon Ross, whats up with his eye is it a stye or has his Mrs's whacked him one!!
Can anyone enlighten me please


conjunctivitus maybe?

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Overblown, what happened to freedom of speech. He's always been the same if you don't like him don't watch him, it's not as if he's on at 7pm or anything. He does make me laugh but he's not for everybody!

I'd like a date with his wife though!!!

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Sorry about that ss im still new at this, I did word it wrong reading it back. He's cool :thumbsup:

WHAT!!!! Lily Allen was on C4? gutted, I missed it


I have been approached to go on the Jonathan Ross show.

(Watch this spot)

morrissey is murder! i used to like him in the 80,s!

The JFK;4374761

I have been approached to go on the Jonathan Ross show.(Watch this spot)

well i,m free most fridays so let us know so we dont miss it when you accept! :thumbsup:

Lol i said that to my hubby, that his wife must have whacked him :-D

Well you are 15 minutes better off then!


I think that's Watchdog? HAM - HOW many slices are you owed?


True, I may write to Watchdawg actually.
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