JohnLewis 5yr tv guarantee,mines bust what happens now ?

Found 25th Nov 2011
Just been told my 37 lcd cant be fixed because it needs a new screen and the part is no longer available.
Do JL replace a like for like,offer cash,or try to fob you off with an own brand cheapo tv as a replacement or are they fair ?

Just wondered if anyone else has had to claim on their 5yr warranty with JL and how it all ended up.

Thanks if you can share your experience.
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So they've told you it's bust and can't be fixed but not what happens now?

Shouldn't that have been your dirt question to them?
try phoning them and asking
Ask them!!
who told you it can't be fixed?

if you've asked some to have a look and they have opened it to inspect the dmaage then warranty is void, if not give em a call.
Ok, more detail needed here.
Phoned JL last week and they arranged for TV repair co. to come out take it away and have a look for the intermittent fault. The TV co. called today and said the screen needs replaced but the part is no longer available so JL will be in touch in a couple of days.

I was just wondering if anyone had had a similar experience with a duff tv under warranty with JL.Are they fair or a bit sneaky in replacing it on a like for like basis. Cheers.

Early this year, 4.5 years into my guarantee, a line appeared down the centre of my Sony v3000. Chap came out, took the tv away, under a week later they said couldn't get the new LCD panel from barcelona, so offered me a new replacement with a like for like, v3000 no longer made so was offered current model. Excellent service!!! Will always go to JL first, before anyone.
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