Johnson’s natural intense moisture cream 250ml

Posted 7th Feb 2019
Hi all

I could get this cream from Asda and boots around £2 a pot
It’s the only thing that works for my daughters eczema
Past few shopping trips to Asda and the shelves have been empty and boots don’t do them either, nor online
Can get them from eBay and Amazon at silly prices
Just wondering if they’ve been discontinued or rebranded??
Anyone know? Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
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Lotion is £2 from amazon, are they the same?
Ocoda still sell the cream, but min order is 40 pounds…011
Same thing happened few years ago. They stopped the extra dry skin in pink bottle. I was gutted. Found it few months later in local Savers. Bought all their stock.
Ebay! 3 tubs for around £8.50 here x
Ordered thanks
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