Join my Retro Dance Fan Club on Bebo!!

    Can you remember a Dance tune you remember from your younger days? if so then why dont you join my Fan club iv just set up on Bebo, its also what kind of daft things we did when we were younger.

    Its all a bit of fun and to try and list as many dance tunes we enjoyed listening to when we were all younger, there is also a bit where you can post a comment on what you remember when you were younger.....
    like trying to get into clubs under age, or walking up the road and trying to get home but took ages coz you were walking a zig zag pattern, dropping a kebab when your half way home - that kind of thing lol
    Its there anyway if you want to join up and leave a comment if you want.

    thanks all and lets bring back some memories !

    copy and paste the link below into your search bar…237



    totally disappointed saxo, totally dissappointed:roll:


    Got to love them memories of dropping that kebab, it screwed my head up though, there wasn't a kebab place for miles.

    Original Poster


    why are you dissapointed sassie? is it because iv just made it dance music? if we get a big enough crowd i might change it and add other genre music


    music, pah

    i thought you where ermmmm, laaaaah de sort la,doing something adulty

    Original Poster

    ermmmmm no lol

    Original Poster

    still need members lol

    i joined

    Original Poster


    good lad Shane, i dodnt know that was you lol

    I'd join but I wasn't really a 'dance' fan :lol:

    Original Poster

    just join up jenny, id love to see you there

    Original Poster

    and its still up and running…237
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