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Found 31st Aug 2017
I have joined the Gym Group.

any advice for a first timer...?
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go regularly at least twice a week, exercise till you sweat but before you collapse.
It is very important to warm up before then warm down after.
Get familiar with all the equipment Get someone to show you the ropes. If your gym has a personal trainer and it is free book a session with him.

Start slowly and gradually work your way up.

Look at the different classes that are available and attend the ones you fancy inform the trainer that you are a first timer .

Get an app that monitors your movements etc.

Good luck and don't be put off by seeing others who will be able to do lot better than you.
What is your goal?

Cardio? Gain muscle? Or just tone up a bit?

Whatever it is, you should warm up, stretch and following your work out, stretch again.
A lot of people don't do that and wonder why they keep getting injured trying to work out with cold muscles.
Depending on what you will be doing at the GYM, make sure you have a good set of trainers, bolloxs to brands if they feel comfy and are able to support you then its a winner.

Get a set of good headphones, I would recommend getting a iPod only for the fact i've manged to drop a 30kg on my iPhone as I was using that for music....oohh I learnt that lesson.

Someone from the GYM should of offered you a induction? Or a PT (personal trainer) would be willing to provide you a few sessions for a fee of course.

Scope out a few machines you would like to try out. A PT should advise you on how to use them.

You have done the hard part by going and joining up...go an have fun an meet new people.
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Really depends on your goals.
Find someone to go with for encouragement and the bantz will make it a bit more enjoyable
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