Joiner, average daily rate?

Found 10th Feb 2011
I've just had a quote from a joiner regarding some work I want doing, he reckons it will take a couple of days, and has given me a daily rate of £100 plus material costs.
Out of interest, is this an average fee? I'm in the north, so not paying Londons prices!
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Yes it is a good rate. I would have expected it to be higher actually. Maybe he will increase the material costs to make up. Or is he an apprentice?
If he is good then i would bite his hand off at that price. Around £150 ish usual , £200 In Greater London.
That's a good rate, husband's friend is a joiner and charges £22 per hour
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Hes not an apprentice, I'm going to try and get some reviews about the company though, don't want any cowboys in!
If he can do the work in a couple of days as he says, and if the materials aren't stupidly priced, then the job works out cheaper than I expected anyway which is nice
If you knew someone with a trade account at Howdens or other suppliers - you could purchase the majority of materials yourself, if you are worried about that - why not ask for an estimate cost of materials before they start.
Work out a fixed rate with him ,If he says 2 days at £100 per day offer him £250 fixed that way it cant get out of hand,
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