Posted 21st Jul 2009
Ok I have phoned up about a dozen of these off for quotes but have not got an answer of any of them,wether landlines or mobiles that I have called.

How much would it be for 5 internal doors to be fitted?

Would I be able to show them what I want online say and for them to collect from Homebase if they fit the door frames,the doors there are available from about £22 each and the door handles need be bought seperately,does it work like that,that you show them what you want,they go get it and bring it back and fit it?

How much would it cost per door to be fitted?

There a B&Q nearby and a Jewson too,never been into Jewson so don't know if they even sell doors.

Not possible for me to get the doors in myself,no transport and well Homebase don't do home delivery on these kind of items.
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