Joiners: I need your help :) Please

    Basically I was just interested in having doors put onto my already existing frame under my stairs, but i was looking at having either a glass or vinyl gloss front.

    Are Sliding doors even possible?

    is shaped mirror possible, will post pictures if needed



    I am guessing its a triangular shape you want to put doors on? Sliding doors are a no go, shaped mirror is a possibility if you want hinged (would need a wooden frame though) getting mirror custom cut would be very expensive though if you want it done right, the best way is water jet cutting.

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    doors for this cheers

    I'm sure any decent joiner would be able to knock that up for you dan.

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    but what price would you expect to pay?, Mirror would be loved also gloss doors, but i dont want to pay loads

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    cant you just put a curtain or something over it

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    can't use a curtain lol, would look stupid
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