Joining Sky+ What's the best way to go about it for maximum gain/recommend a friend, Quidco etc

    Hi all, first of all I wanna say what a fab website. Longtime reader/lurker

    Just wondering if someone can be good enough to help me please, want Sky+ and know there's several incentives atm (Quidco, Paypal, Rec a friend/M&S vouchers).

    Just wondering which ones I can combine and if I can be a recommended friend if someone fancies it




    You can recommend me no problem :thumbsup:

    I would have £50 in Marks vouchers ( As I have just had a Sky+ box installed )
    and you get a FREE sky+ box

    Quidco is £70, which you cannot get with the recommend a friend offer BUT
    if you join through ( The only way you can join to get Quidco! )
    the sky box is £99!! So there is no gain to be had..............

    ISnt there a Sky HD offer on at the moment where new customers get a sky HD box with free install for £75? This can be done online enabling Quidco and an online discount I think.

    Had a look and you can get £50 quidco for sky + HD pay £75 for box and install and get a £15 online discount. You would need to take the Hd package as well.

    I am more than happy to recommend you to sky, Ive been with them for years. Just pm me to alert me if you want to recommend you.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the info Guys, so sorry forgot all about this thread!
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