Joint account for 3 ppl??

    Hi, does any1 know if its possible to have a joint account for 3 ppl. Gonna be living with 2 flatmates, so obviously will have bills and we thought it'd be easier to have bills going out on direct debit. but to make it fair we dont wanna have it under one person's name so is it possible to have a joint account for 3 ppl. Also, which bank offers it, high street bank will be most useful.

    Thanks for any info


    Best thing is to ring up all the banks and ask. will get a more accurate answer

    Yea you can. I did the same thing when I was at Uni. Whatever you do though, do not use NatWest! They were an absolute nightmare!

    If they're reliable people i'd personally take on the direct debits myself. It'll help you build a nice credit rating. No idea how that works if 3 people are joint account holders...

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    well ive currently got the internet under my name. but i dont really know much bout credit ratings and stuff any ways, and im not likely to need any sort of credit rating as im not gonna be gettin any credit cards or mortages in the near future. its not that i dont trust my flatmates, but if they dont pay up i'll end up having a worst credit rating coz i wont be able to afford all the bills!!

    me and my other flatmate do have our student account with natwest, dont really like them to be honest, but its not far from where im living and if its does the 3 joint account then i aint fussed.

    You can have as many signatories on an account as you wish. If there's 3 of you I would suggest stipulating that any 2 of the 3 must sign cheques, otherwise you may find one of you 'borrowing' money from the account:whistling:
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