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joint accounts - EDF energy

Posted 27th Mar 2014

This is not a strictly 'deal' question. However, I hope one of you can help me. I am thinking of adding my husbands name in my EDF energy account but am worried if this will cause any issues in switching accounts online later when a cheaper deal comes out or my existing fixed tariff runs out? Is it better to keep energy accounts under one name due to ease of authorising changes?

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I recently switched to eon. Originally I was with British Gas and the Account was in my name and and my partners name and all correspondence was addressed to both of us. When I switched no mention of account holders name was raised and now all eon's bills come in my name only. No problem arose when switching. The energy accounts must be related to the property rather than the bill payers name. There is no advantage to putting it in one name only, it's entirely your choice. The only reason it might be better to keep it in joint names is that if you get in arrears you are both liable rather than just yourself. If like me you're an energy tart, then it might be easier to keep it in your name if you think you'll be switching every 12-18 months.
We are with Npower and the account is in Mr Butterbeans name. They will not talk to me on the phone about the account and I have been trying to switch since 3rd February but they are refusing to complete the transfer until they speak to him. Joint names might have avoided this.
Thank you. I do change every 1-2 year as a new cheaper tariff crops up. Toptrumpet, did you switch online using the comparson websites? I don't mind having the liability alone but I am thinking if its better to have some joint accounts with my husband in any case as they are a good proof of living together.
Butterbean, that is unfortunately the way they do it nowadays with everything I guess. My husband hates dealing with all this so very rare chance that he would be calling them ever on his own but I know exactly what you mean.
You've got a good point regarding proof of address. Yes I switched after using using uswitch. Did a comparison and then went through via topcashback. Takes a few weeks to go through, just remember to give final meter readings etc.
Thanks. I think I will give it a go with joint account.
I had a terrible time with BG, trying to get £300+ refunded, when I split with my husband. I also lost the fixed term. I'm not suggesting that this is your issue, but something to consider if you perhaps could not contact them for any reason.
P.S. The account was in his name only!
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