Joint present idea for an 18mth old & a 3yr old - boys

    My boys will be 18mths & 3yrs at the end of Dec.

    We are wanting to get them a joint main present to cut down on the amount of toys bought over the xmas period seeing as our eldest turns 3 too!

    We are looking to up to £150 tops but more around the £100 mark or beneath.

    We've only got a 2 bed house & just 2 rooms downstairs so haven't got much space for anything too big!

    Can anyone think of anything that they would both enjoy playing with?

    I was thinking of a play kitchen but the size aspect could be an issue....



    Wheely bugs are great fun, i have the small one and my 21 month girls loves it and her 8 year old brother also wizzes around on it, great if you have wooden floors. Would recomend the bigger one for yours though. Think kiddicare are doing the large tiger for £50 i think.…Toy

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    Thanks for your reply!
    A wheely bug is something I have thought about getting in the past for birthdays but I hadn't thought about it this year!
    I shall keep it in mind!


    xbox 360?

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    Not sure if you're joking or not considering their ages...but...we have an xbox 360, a ps3 & a wii!

    what about a gaden swing set,thats what we r thinking of getting our boys to share 6,4 and 2
    this is the one we are thinking of…htm

    oops sorry just read u wanted to spend £150 max

    I'm thinking a giant castle like at ELC or a big Lil Tikes cooker?

    My mom bought our 2 (who were 3 and 18months at the time) a climbing frame. She bought the initial stage of the TP climbing frame…me/ and we have been adding to it for birthdays. They weren't bothered by it at the time as we never put it up but to be honest they had so much other stuff they didn't miss nannies present. Or what about an electric car??
    My 2 love their cooker. If you get one look at [url][/url]. Lots of stuff there in damaged boxes at very good prices

    if you have room a tramopline with all the net enclosers, can't get my 21 month old off her brothers big one.

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    Im loving that swing set edjaned but too dear

    I like the castle idea...they have a few nice ones at ELC!

    Thanks for your input guys! More ideas to throw at DP now!
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