daughter.. mum can i take the dog for a walk
    Mum.. sorry love you can't she is in season
    daughter... what does season mean
    mum.... ask your dad
    daughter... dad the dog really needs to go out for a walk but mum has told me she is in season, what does that mean
    dad ... I can't explain just wait there a minute. he takes the dog to the shed and wipes the dog's backside with a cloth that has been soaked in petrol. There you go now you can take the dog for walkies.
    20 minutes later daughter has come back but with no dog.
    dad.... What has happened to the dog
    daughter.... Well the dog ran out of petrol 100 yards up the road but don't worry there is a labrador behind her pushing her home!


    wrong forum

    Feedback forum is for HUKD issues, moved to misc.

    Old but funny :thumbsup:

    :giggle: :lol:

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