Paddy came over from Dublin to see the sights of London.
    He is looking around and happened to be in Soho, and he was gasping for a beer.
    He enters the first pub he sees, it just so happened to be a gay bar.
    He ordered his drink and tries to strike up a conversation with a very attractive blond sat on the end of the bar.
    He asks he her name, and she says her name is Sarah.
    He is trying very hard with little success to pull the beautiful girl.
    So to put him out of his misery, she says to Paddy, Look Paddy, your a lovely guy but Im a lesbian, Ahh right says Paddy, What part of Lesbia do you come from.
    No, no Paddy you dont understand, I will try to explain.
    You see that nice looking redhead sat over there? Yes I do he replys.
    Well I would like to pulll her pants down and give her a right good seeing too.
    Ahhh Jesus he says
    I must be a lesbian too!!!!!

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