Joke-- Car For Sale -£3750

    I have for sale my ford fiesta B reg
    it has lots of rust
    engine is is on its way out
    gearbox is bust
    interier is a complete mess
    4 bold tyres
    no mot
    suffers from intermitent electrical problems

    Only £3750
    (hence full tank of fuel)



    Why would I want to buy a joke car?

    I would just like to make everybody aware, the original poster has since edited the title!

    Original Poster


    Why would I want to buy a joke car?

    Thanks it didnt make sense good spot:thumbsup:

    I've taxed worse, from the sounds of it :whistling:

    How come the tyres are bold? Are they boldly going? - don't tell me - only one careless owner? (my God Charliethirtytwo - times really are hard eh?!)

    in the spirit of the FS/FT forum, would you take 25p paypal delivered ?

    Ok, so the joke is supposed to be in the reference to the price of fuel, right? As in here:

    Only £3750
    (hence full tank of fuel)

    Sorry, but you messed this one up, both in terms of humour and linguistically :roll:

    Let me tackle the latter: Your use of 'hence' is all wrong. You should have laid it out with all the negs first, followed by a 'but' a full tank of fuel 'so' £3750.

    Better luck in your future efforts, and remember, it's all in the detail!

    Apols if I've got it all wrong....

    its not so funny when Liddle ol me explains it


    its not so funny when Liddle ol me explains it

    Whaddaya mean? It wasn't funny to begin with!! :-D
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