Joke - Waiting for God

Found 1st Jul 2008
Little lucy is playing happily in the garden and comes across a dead hedgehog, seeing it she is screaming for her dad and runs inside the house.

Dad comes rushing out and Lucy points the hedgehog out, "Daddy what's wrong with it" she asks, "it's died darling", "but why has it got it's legs pointing up in the air" asks Lucy.

He sits her down and explains that it's waiting for God to come for it, he will come later and pick it up by it's legs and take it to heaven. At this point lucy bursts into uncontrollable tears and cry's for about 20 minutes, dad finally calms her down and asks what's upset her so much..................

Well daddy, last week mummy must have nearly died too. I walked into the kitchen for dinner and saw mummy was lying on the floor with her arms and legs up in the air shouting "Oh God i'm coming - i'm coming". If the Gasman hadn't have been there holding her down God would have taken her away from us
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