An old woman is sitting at the breakfast table one morning feeling particularly horny.
    'You know my nipples feel as hot today as they did 30 years ago' she says across the table to her hubby.
    'I'm not suprised, one is in your coffee and the other is in your porridge' replies the husband.


    Husband sittng on the sofa watching the match, when it reaches half time he flicks through the channels and finds a porno playing on one channel.
    'I don't know whether to watch this or the second half of the match' he says to his wife.
    'Watch this' she replies, 'you already know how to play football'


    :roll: ..

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    Apologies but I did not write these, I do not know the date they were written so could well be over 24 hours old and I do not accept any responsibility for any incorrect facts.

    all in all they are nothing to do with me.
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