Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat...

    It's my other half's birthday next week, and I am trying to look into tickets, hotel and travel for the above show. It's too late for her to go on her birthday but i'm prepared to book up to a couple of months in advance so she has something to look forward to!

    Need two tickets and two rooms for one night (i'm not going, so one for mother-in-law!) and travel from plymouth, preferably not coach, and will drive as a last resort.

    By the way i'm not overly fussy about what nights, as long as she gets to see Lee Mead!

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    They have a meal offer with tickets.

    I would suggest for accomodation check Travel Lodge,they have rooms called super saver from £16,I usually pay £26 for my rooms as never been luckier enough to get 1 for less. You need look for rooms on Travel Lodge now if you plan to go in a few mths time. Like I got a Travelodge room booked for 1 night nr Chessington for next mth,I booked that in April I think it was,you will a credit card to book the super saver rooms as you pay now not on the day like the full rate rooms. Will say the Travelodge rooms are very basic,I don't mind that at all but pf course we all like different.
    Don't know where you travelling from but around the South East you get things like group save or like 3 or 4 people can travel for the price of 2 at weekends.
    You need to look at your regional train services as there might be offers on the site or visit your local station and see what leaflets they have. Often you can get tickets into shows and events with your travel combined.There is often other offers too such as on this site with 2 for 1…spx

    I don't know how old your mother in law is but maybe she benefit from some senior railcard if she often travels by train.

    Actually you prob be hard pushed to get a saver room in London from Travelodge as thinking back now I have looked before and haven't been able to get anything fairly central. My Partner went to see Metallica at Wembley other Sunday back and even tho he booked tickets soon as tickets went on sale we wasn't able to get a cheap room,and because we don't drive the buses and trains last 1 out of London no good to him and in end cos no cheap rooms ( well cheap enough 4 his liking ) he said he doss about overnight until he could get the next bus out Monday morning. Anyway as it happened,some band or other called Him got booed off stage eventually and when Metallica did come on I think it was sooner than expected and he got out the concert earlier than planned got from Wembley to Victoria earlier than expected and it just happened the last bus out was in late anyway so he managed 2 get home so that saved him spending night out on streets.

    me and the mrs plus kids are off there this weekend. The 4 of us including decent seats is setting me back £330 for 2 nights in a novotel near westminster (inc breakfast)

    we used ]http//ww…htm

    me and the mrs plus kids are off there this weekend. The 4 of us including decent seats is setting me back £330 for 2 nights in a novotel near westminster (inc breakfast)

    we used ]http//ww…htm

    Try [url][/url] they offer packages for hotel & tickets they also offer rail tickets. There prices are normally pretty good and I tend to find them cheaper than Superbreak.

    Just tired to check dates but their site seems to be down at the moment.

    Hopefully Joseph will now have improved, I saw it a few years ago when Stephen Gatley was playing Joseph, have to say it is the worst show I have seen.

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    Thanks all for your help, there are some really good sites there, and have added rep for all. Should get me some brownie points with the missus!:thumbsup:
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