Jossy's Giant's, Anyone remember it?

Anyone remember it? Anyone know where I can buy it?


Blast from the past that one! Cant seem to find any dvds though, but have the theme tune!
Swapping their homework for footwork,
Kicking the ball till its dark,

Here go Jossy's Giants,
Footballs just a branch of science,
Head the ball, now Jossy calls . . .
Jossy's Giants!

Dependable, Reliant
Put your faith in Jossy's Giants
Get stuck in, we're gonna win . . .
Jossy's Giants!

Daredevils taking their chances,
burning the candle both ends

Girls are just a distraction
But Jossy wants more soccer action
Bring them here so the girls can cheer for...
Jossy's Giants.

For some reason the episode where they go to be in the audience for A Question Of Sport always sticks in my mind! Think it was Bryan Robson's terrible acting!

It looks like there isn't any DVDs out there, even on the bbcshop site. You could always try contacting them and asking if they plan to put it on dvd.

I loved it and the book

used to love watching this and johnny briggs.
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