joypad for pc ? help needed plz

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Found 21st Dec 2006
have reciently bought new system and am hoping for some new games for x-mas but need to get myself a decient joypad . does anyone have any recomendations? not too expensive if so where from ? thanks in advance peeps .

unrelated question !!
oh and one more question if anyone can help . i am currently downloading all my music onto computer and i have only a very basic sound card with basic speakers. is there such a thing as a wireless device where i can plug computer up to my surround sound dvd system to listen to music . cheers :thumbsup:


If you can stretch to it then the best option would be buying one of the wired Xbox 360 pads (wireless ones are currently not compatible).

Alternatively getting an official PS2 pad and buying a PC adaptor would be the next best thing

thanks for asking this, i need a joypad for my pc too!

I bought a USB to PS2 adaptor last year from Compatability is ok, i couldnt get it to work with all games ie. need for speed didnt work with the pad.

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thanks for advise . but i dont mind if joypad is wired?
any good online shops?

I have a joypad for the PC (serial port connection) which I would be willing to give away for free if the buyer pays postage (and leaves me some good HUKD feedback rep ;-) ). PM me if you're interested.

Sorry actually I mean it connects to the joystick port (usually on the sound card) not the serial port.

I'll second the recommendation for a PS2 pad with adaptor.

The PS2 pad is way better than any standard PC pad I've tried.
Got mine off Ebay for £9 (including the adaptor).
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